First English Lutheran Church

Digital Media Specialist


Digital Media is the new front door of the church.  Maintaining a digital image is necessary on the website and on social media platforms.  This position will be responsible for creating content allowing FELC will be visible in the digital realm as well as visual marketing in the church…

Hours: Part-Time up to 20 hours

Pay: Commiserate with certifications and experience



  • Design digital media campaigns aligned with FELC MVPs
  • Assist in the streaming of services and adding it in our digital ministry.
  • Liaise with Senior Pastor to ensure content integrity and alignment with MVPs
  • Coordinate the creation of digital content (e.g. website, FB and Instagram posts, press releases and other marketing tools)
  • Manage end-to-end digital projects
  • Establish our web presence to boost church awareness
  • Maintain a strong online voice through social media
  • Suggest and implement direct marketing methods for FELC (both digital and visual)
  • Stay up-to-date with digital media developments


  • Experience as a Digital media specialist or Digital marketing manager
  • Solid knowledge of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Audacity or other media editing software
  • Experience with visual communication principles
  • Familiarity with web design and content management systems
  • Excellent analytical and project management skills
  • An ability to multitask and perform under tight deadlines
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Certificate in Marketing, Digital Media or relevant field
  • Additional qualification in web design or animation is a plus

Send resume to office@felcvictoria. com Attn: Jayce Serrano


First English Lutheran Church

Church Nursery Worker Job Description

 Purpose: To provide dependable, safe, secure, and nurturing care to the children while at our Church, ages 0-4 years in a clean environment.

o Responsible for providing age-appropriate care which includes the following: feeding, changing diapers, escorting to the bathroom, maintaining a safe environment, putting children down for naps, holding, or sitting with and cheerfully interacting with children through games, stories, play and prayer.

o Be polite, friendly, and courteous to all children, parents, and volunteers.

o Childcare will be on Sunday and on Wednesday evenings starting Fall 2022.

  • Sundays even if it falls on a holiday.
  • Sunday (7:30AM to 12PM) and Wednesday (5:30PM to 8:30PM)
  • There will also be services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and multiple services on Christmas Eve.
  • Other events will be scheduled as necessary with extra hours available.
  • Stay until the children are secured with a responsible adult named on the child’s registration form.
  • In the event of an emergency notify the parent via the communication system. Cell phone/pager.
  • Cleaning at the end of shifts.
    • Straighten the room and clean any toys/beds before leaving paying special attention to cleanliness/sanitation.
    • Used bed sheets will need to be placed in the dirty linen container and clean sheets are to be placed on the beds.
    • FYC director will be responsible for the process of laundering the sheets.
    • Sanitizing solution will be available for use in the nursery.

o Evaluation will happen after a 90-day probationary period and thereafter annually.

o Report to the FYC director any issues which are hindering the carry out of the duties or responsibilities.

o Communicate in advance, by phone to the FYC director: 1) any planned absences with an advance two-week notice, or 2) any unplanned absences at least two hours prior to the shift.


  • Experience in caring for children between the ages of 0 to 4 with the ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities.
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Satisfactory completion of background check and drug screening
  • Must present the results of current immunizations.
  • Satisfactory completion of CPR / First Aid for adults, children and infants.
  • Three references.

 Termination Policy:

o There will be a 90-day probationary period where either party may terminate employment without cause. Beyond this a two-week notice is expected.

o Dependability is essential. Tardiness and excessive absences cannot be tolerated and will result in termination of employment.

Send resume to office@felcvictoria. com Attn: Jayce Serrano